The #1 Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Company in America

Welcome to WhiteScience Nashville an Independent Franchise of White Science Worldwide, the leading manufacturer and seller of cosmetic teeth whitening technology in the world. We proudly offer the #1Teeth Whitening products and patented whitening delivery systems in the United States. White Science spans the continental United States and is continually entering international markets. White Science’s products and technology have global appeal, their product line reaches more than 32 countries and counting. White Science has set the industry standard for premium cosmetic teeth whitening products worldwide.

WhiteScience Teeth Whitening Technology

Born within an internationally traded R&D dental company, WhiteScience technology was specifically formulated using patented delivery systems to create superior whitening products. WhiteScience, having an in-house engineering and scientific team, ensures their perpetual pipeline of new and innovative products, and continuously raises the bar within the teeth whitening industry.

All products are manufactured by WhiteScience in an ISO9000 Certified manufacturing facility, and are handled by their trained staff to ensure product quality from development to delivery. This process gives you peace of mind to confidently offer any of the WhiteScience product lines to your clients knowing they were manufactured under the most exacting standards of safety and excellence.

WhiteScience has achieved Free Trade Certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, which certifications are authenticated and sealed by the U.S. Department of State, allowing us to freely trade within 100 of the 119 countries worldwide.  Currently, 19 countries have trade embargos which ban any U.S. and/or foreign manufacturers.

WhiteScience’s foundation as a company was built on a core set of principals, one being “Bring only the best to market”.  Having a perfectionist mindset ensures that our products exceed the your expectations and of your customers, and all consumer standards.

WhiteScience dedication to its R & D (research and development) is next to none. Countless hours and over $4 million+ dollars have been invested in the creation of patents and proprietary technologies that are superior in the industry in both equipment and products.

10 years ago, when the cosmetic teeth whitening industry was in its infancy, WhiteScience uniquely positioned itself by making the R&D and capital investments necessary to become the industries ‘market-maker’, and in doing so brought teeth whitening out of the dental market creating the new teeth market segment in a multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry space.  WhiteScience’s technology advancements have made it possible for spas, salons, malls, and resorts to offer their customers professional grade teeth whitening procedures, using self-administered applications, elminating the need for a licensed professional.